Personal Equipment List - For Day Trips Only

Each Person Needs to Bring:

    Suitable clothing for Paddling - This means:
  1. Bottom: Shorts or polar fleece longs or shorts + polyprop longs (NB: shorts are normally warm enough for Northland conditions)
    Important: Jeans / Cotton trousers / Brushed Cotton trackpants are definitely not suitable or acceptable.
  2. Top: Lycra rash vest / polyprop top or polarfleece top or T-shirt (least preferred)
    • NB: In general, Quick-drying clothing is best and cotton is the least suitable material
    • A wetsuit is perfectly acceptable in cooler / wetter conditions
  3. Spare warm top (this will be packed into kayaks if not being worn): Polarfleece (best) or woollen.
  4. Footwear that can get wet: wetsuit booties / ‘rock shoes’ or jandals or sandals or running shoes.
    Please Note: Even if participants choose to kayak with bare feet they should carry some type of footwear in their kayak.
  5. Optional but advised: Sun hat / Beanie / Rain jacket depending on weather on the day!
  6. Water Bottle
  7. Snacks if desired, Cut lunch if necessary
  8. Sunblock (lip balm also recommended)
  9. Sunglasses (should be retained with a strap)
  10. Personal Medications as required eg. asthma inhaler, allergy medication.

Optional Items to Consider:

  • Towel and swimming gear
  • Camera (best placed in a dry bag)
  • A change of clothes for afterwards

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