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Introducing a new outdoor education option for your students and staff

Why should kayaking be incorporated in school programmes?

Kayaking is an activity very suitable for NZ students. All age groups can enjoy this pursuit at many different levels. What better way to explore our vast coastline and learn about our natural environment and history? Sea kayaking is an ideal way to develop confidence, decision making and self management skills in an enjoyable and challenging way.

Most of our students in Northland and Auckland and further south live in close proximity to the sea but often don’t get the chance to learn aquatic skills. There is a perception it is too difficult to organise and could be risky. Pacific Coast Kayaks can take all the stress out of organising a kayaking outdoor programme and ensure students get the most out of their experience. We believe these skills are essential for NZ’ers who love the outdoors and will most likely access the coast as adults for their recreation.

What We Do:

  • We offer programmes for both primary and secondary students. We are able to travel to any coastal location in Northland. We can deliver kayaking at your school camp, class outing or run an elective to suit the age and needs of the students.
  • Offer skills / in-service training for teachers in kayaking
  • Organise and run a staff team building experience or expedition
School group in kayaks School group in kayaks

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Primary Intermediate Schools

For young students the emphasis is on a fun filled games approach while teaching some of the basic skills. We aim to develop confidence and an awareness of safety on the water. Intermediate students enjoy a challenge and small expeditions in sheltered areas are suitable using our double sea kayaks.

Secondary Schools

We will work with schools in a variety of ways to meet your needs in kayaking. This can be as part of a school camp or electives, expeditions or skills instruction and assessment for Unit Standards or Achievement Standards.

NCEA Unit Standards and Achievement Standards

PACIFIC COAST KAYAKS can deliver and recommend the following Kayaking / Sea Kayaking Unit Standards. We favour use of units with a strong practical base. Preferred units are in bold


  • 489 “Demonstrate Sea Kayaking Skills in Sheltered or slow moving water” (3 credits)
  • 20158 “Roll a Sea kayak” ( 2 credits )


  • 19428 “Prepare for Sea Kayaking and Demonstrate Sea Kayaking Skills in Sheltered waters” (10 Credits)
  • 19430 “Demonstrate knowledge of and Maintain equipment used for sea kayaking”
  • We can also offer the Achievement Standard 3.4 "Performance of Sea Kayaking in the Applied Setting" which involves students completing 2 paddle expeditions during a 3 day camp

Refer NZQA website

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Our Kayaks and Equipment

We have double and single sea kayaks, which are suitable for students aged 11 upwards. The double kayaks are especially suitable for novice paddlers as they are very stable.

For younger students we arrange hire of sit-ons or we can use school kayaks.

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Our Prices

$450 per day is the usual rate, which is a discount rate for school students. This includes all company kayaks and equipment and briefing. Transport is an additional charge and is based on mileage. We try to stay local to reduce costs.

Mark can also stay overnight. This may help with overall adult/student ratios, which can be an issue these days. Adult rates for team building, expeditions and instruction are available from our expedition and workplace outing pages.

Please contact us to discuss your ideas and plans. Mark will visit the school and meet with teachers. He can also take lessons to prepare the students for their outdoor experience.

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More Info

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