How to Book Your Trip

Half-day / Full Day

Email or phone to book ahead. Include details of the trip you wish to do, the proposed date, number and composition of the group, any relevant medical or dietary information and a contact number.

To confirm a trip a deposit of 50% is required (see our Payment Options and Cancellation policy).

Some day tours are paid in cash on the day or via bank transfer. Please note we do not have credit card or EFTPOS facilities.

We will send further information including client information forms and a gearlist once a deposit has been received. For shorter tours client information forms can be completed on the day.

Please note: Tours can sometimes be rescheduled due to changes in weather but on most occasions an alternative venue is available.

Expeditions (Multi-Day)

We usually receive an email detailing your plans and itinerary and you decide on which multi-day expedition you want to go on.


You make a deposit - usually 50% (see Payment Options and Cancellation Policy)

We usually take a deposit by bank transfer. We'll email you the necessary details. Please note we do not have credit card or EFTPOS facilities.

When You Arrive in Whangarei

For multi-day trips we usually meet out our base at 70 Beach Road, Onerahi, the day before we leave. We will select and fit you to your kayak, get to knwo you and finalise the planning. An up-to-date weather forecast will help firm our plans.

We can meet at other locations by arrangement.

If you need a pick up we can arrange this. Often larger groups rent a local van here in Whangarei and continue exploring Northland after their trip but there are other options for the solo paddlers and smaller groups. Please contact us to discuss your individual circumstances.

Planning is all part of the fun!