Kayak and Fish Tour


For those wanting to spend more time searching for good fishing spots and catching a feed or just enjoying the time casting a line over the side. All our tours can have a bias towards fishing and our location will depend on the season and current weather conditions.

We supply hand lines and other tackle but it often is better to bring your own gear and bait. We will show you how to get organised and how to deal with the catch. Maybe a meal on the beach is the reward for our effort. If not we have other refreshments!!

Please note that all our tours can include fishing.

Filleting the fish

Tour Brief

Type: Tour
Length: Half-day or Full day
Start Time: By arrangement
Meeting Place:
  • By arrangement
Cost Per Person:
  • $120 (half day)
  • $150 (full day)

Operator travel costs may be incurred - read more here.

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Showing off