Matakohe / Limestone Island Historical-Eco Tour

Map of Limestone Island

This island has a rich history for both Maori and Europeans. It was first occupied by Maori and has since been used for cement manufacturing, shipbuilding and farming. It is now a reserve. Friends of Limestone Island (FOMLI) and the people of Whangarei have planted thousands of trees on the island to create bio-diversity and young kiwi are bred on the island. Pests have been removed to create a safe habitat.

There is a walking track on the island for those who wish to visit the pa site and other archaeological sites.

This tour starts from Onerahi yacht club or the boat ramp and involves a short paddle to the island to explore the cement manager's house and then a circumnavigation of the island passing the wildlife reserve. On low tide you can observe wading birds including spoonbill, oystercatchers and White-faced heron, and seasonal birds. In Spring / Summer we can pass the Caspian terns nesting colony across the channel. On a full tide the tour can be extended to include Skull Creek where cormorants nest. Stopping for refreshments near the old cement works ruins we can explore the kilns, singleman's quarters, old dance hall and two shipwrecks.


Tour Brief

Type: Tour
Length: Half-day or Full-day
Start Time: By arrangement
Meeting Place:
Cost Per Person: $110 (Half Day)
$150 (Full Day)


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Remains of the Limestone Island Factory