Pataua / Taiharuru Tour

Pataua / Taiharuru

This is a round trip option unless we do a car shuttle. Best in W-SW wind

We can start from Taiharuru Estuary and depending on weather conditions head north to Pataua passing some isolated little bays and channels. We can head to Pataua Island. In the right conditions we can land on the Ocean beach or in the estuary before returning.

Alternatively we can head East and then South around Taiharuru Head towards Moturewa Island and McGregor's Bay. There are many isolated bays. Continuing further south of McGregors Bay the coast has a rugged beauty and when the swell is low there is some excellent snorkeling. This whole area is a popular for fishing among the locals.

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Tour Brief

Type: Tour
Length: Full Day
Start Time: By arrangement
Meeting Place:
Cost Per Person: $150

Operator travel costs may be incurred - read more here.

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Approaching the beach