Whananaki - Mimiwhangata Tour

Whananaki Estuary

We offer a customised full day return trip in the Whanananaki area. There are a number of options:

  • Starting from Otamure Bay or Rockells Bay we paddle north to the Mimiwhangata Coastal park. This area has broad beaches,sand dunes and historical sites.
  • Another option is to explore the area south from Otiamure Bay towards Whananaki North or in reverse using a car shuttle for one way trips. There is a DOC campsite at Otiamure and other camping and accommodation at Whananaki.

If you are wishing to kayak to the Mimiwhangata Coastal park it is recommended to stay overnight to take in everything the region has to offer. The only camping at Mimiwhangata is at the DOC campsite at Waikahoa Bay. There can be other options if you are not wishing to camp.

For more information see the DOC website.


Tour Brief

Type: Tour
Length: Full day
Start Time: 9:00am
Meeting Place:
  • By arrangement
Cost Per Person: $150

Operator travel costs may be incurred - read more here.

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The Whananaki area