Why Choose Us..?

Mark Garry

Pacific Coast Kayaks look after you from the time you arrive. We do pick-ups, transfers and can organise transport and accommodation. When you have finished your kayaking why not explore the culture and history of Northland? We can advise on you on the best areas and landmarks to visit or experience. Whangarei, being the commercial centre of the region, is the ideal starting point for exploring the north.

Our guides are skilled in working with a diverse range of people. We have local knowledge to ensure that your experience on and off the water is as safe and exciting as possible. Our company, while maybe not as large as some of the Sea Kayaking companies in the South Island, can be more flexible, mobile and adaptable; this means that we cover a more diverse range of coastline.

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A key advantage we have is to be able to respond quickly to changes in weather and can customise our trips to suit both the weather and the ability or needs of the group. All age groups and levels of experience are catered for.

We have a 100% safety record and our guides have full up-to-date First Aid qualifications and follow the NZOIA code of practice. NZOIA

Above all else we have fun!!


Pacific Coast Kayaks focuses on five areas of operation:

We also offer a freedom hire service

Happy Clients Happy Clients